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Top Ohio headlines

  • Toddler dies 3 days after being found in family's pond

    A 22-month-old Licking County boy died on Monday, three days after he was pulled from the family’s pond.

  • Crosses displayed in eastern Ohio village challenged

    STRATTON, Ohio (AP) — A group advocating the separation of church and state is protesting a pair of crosses displayed for Easter at an eastern Ohio village’s municipal building. The Madison, Wis.-based Freedom From Religion Foundation is challenging the claim by the mayor of Stratton that it’s constitutional to display the crosses during holidays.

  • Low of 19 degrees in Toledo breaks 139-year record

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Winter temperatures are refusing to go away in northwestern Ohio. The thermometer dropped to 19 degrees in Toledo this morning, breaking a 139-year-old record for the same date set in 1875.

  • State asks to delay recognizing legal same-sex marriages

    The state is asking a federal judge to hold off implementing his decision in the same-sex marriage case because it could trigger “premature” reactions such as couples hurriedly traveling to other states to get married.

  • State issues warning about possible insurance gaps with app-based car services

    The Ohio Department of Insurance is warning consumers about potential insurance gaps for app-based car services such as Uber and Lyft, which operate in Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati. Those companies allow people to use a smartphone app to hire drivers who use their personal vehicles and pay with a credit card registered through the app.

  • RITA woes prompt city income tax extensions

    After an hour of wasted time trying to pay his local taxes on Monday night, Kyle Clark figured he’d log back on to the website when it wasn’t so busy. So at 3:30 a.m. yesterday, he opened his eyes. He signed into his account with the Regional Income Tax Agency, paid what he owed the city of Ashville and went back to bed.

  • State school board debates LGBT anti-discrimination policy

    For the second day, a divided Ohio Board of Education debated a proposal to ban discrimination of teachers and school personnel based on sexual orientation. Supporters of the proposal told board members that protective language is needed to ensure lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender educators are judged based on their performance, not their sexual orientation.

  • Gay Games irk cabbies in Cleveland

    CLEVELAND — Some taxi drivers who work at the Cleveland airport say they won’t drive cabs with rooftop placards advertising the upcoming Gay Games.

  • Sediment can’t be dumped in Lake Erie

    Environmental officials approved the dredging of Cleveland Harbor and the Cuyahoga River but said the sediment can’t be dumped in Lake Erie. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday that it will allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to dredge up to 225,000 cubic yards of material and deposit it in designated confined disposal facilities, but not in the open lake.

  • Candidates file hard-to-analyze reports on wealth

    Republicans have referred to the Democrats’ million-dollar running mate, attorney Sharen Neuhardt. And Democrats have long pointed to the sizable portfolio of Gov. John Kasich.

  • Athens County sheriff IDs body found near state park

    The body found on Thursday in an Athens County creek has been identified, Athens County Sheriff Rodney Smith said today. Dental records were used to identify Sammie Steven Donato, 22, who was on a walking trip from his home in Mt. Orab in Brown County to the East Coast, Smith said in a news release.

  • Knox County woman dies of crash injuries

    A Knox County woman died this morning from injuries sustained in a car crash yesterday. Kathy Reed, 63, of Fredericktown, died about 5:30 a.m., about 17 hours after she was struck by a semi traveling north on state Rt. 3. Reed, the wife of Knox County Commissioner Roger Reed, had pulled in front of the truck’s path from Sychar Road in Mount Vernon.

  • Kasich’s new bio ad first salvo in TV war

    The first TV ad from either side in the 2014 gubernatorial election will come from Republican Gov. John Kasich and begin airing today, several sources told The Dispatch. The 60-second commercial, titled "Deliver," will air for one week.

  • Needy kids in northeast Ohio get seized sneakers

    AKRON, Ohio — Deputies in northeast Ohio say dozens of pairs of pricey athletic shoes seized in a drug case are going to be distributed to needy kids. The Akron Beacon Journal reports the 48 pairs of sneakers were seized by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office from three men who were convicted in February of trafficking heroin.

  • Cleveland taxi drivers take issue with Gay Games placards

    CLEVELAND (AP) — Some taxi drivers who work at the Cleveland airport say they won’t drive cabs with rooftop placards advertising the upcoming Gay Games.

  • Boehner visits Afghanistan in wake of presidential vote there

    As vote counting continues in Afghanistan’s presidential election, House Speaker John Boehner met this weekend with U.S. officials in Kabul and urged that the U.S. maintain enough troops in the country to stabilize the government after more than a decade of conflict.

  • Ex-PUCO chairman joins law firm

    Less than a week after his term as chairman of the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio ended, Todd Snitchler has joined a firm in he will advise clients on energy issues.

  • Materials company in Chapter 11

    Momentive Performance Materials, which has a plant in Hebron, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as part of what it calls a restructuring plan that already has been negotiated by creditors.

  • Man charged in use of camera drone at accident

    Kele Stanley has been charged with a felony because officials say he refused to land the camera-equipped drone that he had been guiding over a traffic crash scene, but he says he is no idiot.

  • The future of historic Fairfield County Home uncertain

    LANCASTER, Ohio — When the architect hired to assess the old Fairfield County Home for the infirm and poor walked inside for his first look, he braced for the worst. There had been flea infestations; chipmunks and other small animals had wandered inside; and there was mold. All the bad conditions that Steve Luchtenberg of VPL Architects Inc. of Lancaster had read about in newspaper reports were in his thoughts as he stepped inside the pre-Civil War brick building.

  • Bad idea: arguing on empty stomach

    New research out of Ohio State University suggests being hungry can make a marital spat even worse. Scientists studied married couples and found that they could use the spouses’ blood-sugar levels to predict their level of anger. The lower the glucose levels, the higher the level of anger.

  • Demolition likely to give boost to Newark’s Arcade

    NEWARK, Ohio — Buildings keep toppling in Newark, thanks to a little help from the state. The latest went down yesterday, as a 114-year-old, three-story building next to City Hall was demolished after being deemed unsafe by the city’s property-maintenance and public-safety departments this year.

  • Other states’ gay marriages ruled valid in Ohio

    A federal judge’s ruling that Ohio must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states is expected to open the door to a variety of issues, including bereavement leave, health-care decisions, taxes and survivor benefits.

  • Ohio news report

    Ohio news report

  • Focus shifts to restoring Ohio oil-leak site

    CINCINNATI — Crews worked yesterday for the fourth week to clean oil that leaked from a pipeline into a nature preserve near Cincinnati as officials began to focus on restoration of the affected area.

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