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Top Ohio headlines

  • Can John Kasich make it into the first GOP debate?

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich has set the date: July 21. He’s set the place: the Ohio Union at the Ohio State University. But as Kasich prepares to officially enter the 2016 GOP presidential primary, he has another huge hurdle on the horizon: He’s got to get into the debates.

  • Obama signs trade authority, worker assistance bills

    WASHINGTON — With Rep. Pat Tiberi joining the East Room ceremony, President Barack Obama today signed into law a bill that provides him with the authority to complete negotiations on a free-trade agreement between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations. With Obama hailing the bill as a “true bipartisan effort,” he personally thanked Tiberi, R-Genoa Township, and House Speaker John Boehner, R-West Chester, for guiding the measure through a tumultuous journey in Congress.

  • Ohio man convicted in sledgehammer slayings is sentenced to death

    AKRON, Ohio — A man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend’s parents with a sledgehammer 10 days after stabbing their daughter was sentenced Monday to death.

  • What happens to the state's amendment banning same-sex marriage?

    Many state forms must be changed to comply with the U.S. Supreme Court’s same-sex ruling last week, but one document that won’t automatically change is the Ohio Constitution. The 2004 amendment that restricted marriage in Ohio to one man and one woman will remain in the state’s foundational document unless it is removed by another amendment, said Dan Tierney, spokesman for Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

  • Legal fight centers on Toledo eatery made famous on 'M-A-S-H'

    TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Ownership of secret recipes and ingredients from an Ohio restaurant made famous on the TV series "M-A-S-H" is at the center of a legal dispute between a grandson of the original owner and the current ownership group.

  • Redistricting commissions ruled constitutional by Supreme Court

    In a decision that could impact how Ohio draws its congressional districts, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled today that state voters can bypass their legisture and establish independent commissions to design more competitive districts. In attempt to grapple with the issue of gerrymandering – where one political party uses its majorities in the state legislatures to create congressional districts favoring their candidates.

  • Justices uphold use of drug implicated in botched executions

    The Supreme Court on Monday upheld the use of a controversial drug that has been implicated in several botched executions. Two of the justices said for first time that death penalty itself probably is unconstitutional. The justices voted 5-4 in a case from Oklahoma that the sedative midazolam can be used in executions without violating the Eighth Amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.

  • New JobsOhio website promotes locating in Ohio

    JobsOhio has launched a new website — — to explain to companies and consultants the benefits of locating or expanding in Ohio.

  • Ohio Politics Now: Will Gov. John Kasich's presidential announcement help get him in GOP debates?

    After months of speculation and unofficial campaign stops, Gov. John Kasich is set to officially announce his presidential campaign July 21 at Ohio State University, where he was once a student. The news broke Sunday evening. Dispatch Public Affairs editor Darrel Rowland reports Kasich, whose team launched a new website, has $10 million pledged to his campaign.

  • Gun-rights lobby now OK with Kasich despite 1994 weapons-ban vote

    DES MOINES, Iowa — For a long time, it seemed as if the National Rifle Association would never forgive John Kasich. In the wake of the shooting deaths of eight people in 1993 in San Francisco by a man with an automatic pistol, Kasich joined 215 other House members in 1994 to ban the production and sale of 19 semi-automatic assault weapons.

  • Site of Ohio Renaissance festival sold

    More than 260 acres across Caesar Creek Lake from where a state marina is being built — land that includes the site of the Ohio Renaissance Festival — have changed hands.

  • Kasich officially to enter presidential race on July 21

    To the surprise of no one who knows him, the son of a mailman is running for president — again. Ohio Gov. John Kasich expects to have more than $10 million in his campaign organization’s coffers when he formally announces his candidacy at 11 a.m. on July 21 at the Ohio Union, sources tell The Dispatch. That will be exactly 16 years and one week after dropping out of the 2000 presidential race due to a lack of financial and popular support.

  • Land-bank use gains popularity across central Ohio

    LANCASTER, Ohio — Abandoned and decrepit buildings aren’t just an urban problem. Just like Columbus, Franklin County and other metropolitan areas, smaller counties are beginning to take steps toward dealing with blight. Fairfield County has a land bank that can demolish houses that are behind in taxes, clearing the land for reuse. And plans are advancing to establish one in Licking County.

  • Newark man killed after truck rear-ends motorcycle

    A Newark man died Saturday night after the motorcycle he was riding was rear-ended by a semi-truck in Muskingum County. Cory Cox, 33, and his wife, Rachel, 32, were headed eastbound on Rt. 16 in Adam Mills at around 7 p.m. when their motorcycle was struck from behind by a semi-truck, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. The couple, who were not wearing helmets, was ejected from their vehicle.

  • Gov. John Kasich says 'it's time to move on' from same-sex marriage ruling

    With the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage, Gov. John Kasich said Sunday “it’s time to move on” and shift the Republican Party’s focus away from gay marriage and instead solving “problems here together.” In an appearance on CBS’s Face The Nation, Kasich said he believes “in traditional marriage” between a man and a woman, but distanced himself from conservatives demanding a constitutional amendment to allow states to prohibit same-sex marriage.

  • High-speed rails still debated in U.S.

    Travelers easily whisk from city to city on high-speed trains in many parts of South America, Asia and Europe. Since the first high-speed lines began operating more than 50 years ago in Japan, they have become an essential part of transportation worldwide.

  • Religious freedoms put at risk, critics say

    Phil Burress, the Cincinnatian who led the 2004 campaign to ban same-sex marriage in Ohio, says that while the battle is lost, the war is far from over. He and many other gay-marriage opponents say the battlefield now will expand to the larger area of religious freedom.

  • Red-light cameras facing host of hurdles

    CINCINNATI — The ongoing clash over traffic-camera enforcement in Ohio isn’t slowing down. The FBI is investigating possible public corruption over camera-vendor dealings in Columbus and Cincinnati (see a related story on Page A1). State lawmakers who saw last year’s bill to sharply restrict camera use hit legal roadblocks are back with a measure penalizing cities for collecting photo citation fees. And just months after the state’s highest court again upheld local governments’ power to use camera enforcement, the justices are weighing another camera issue.

  • Ohio pilot killed in crash of single-engine plane

    ALLIANCE, Ohio (AP) — The pilot of a single-engine plane has died in a crash that occurred shortly after takeoff from a small airport in northeastern Ohio, the State Highway Patrol said Saturday.

  • Capitol Insider: Kasich polling too low to make 1st debate

    With a smattering of new national presidential polls last week, Ohio Gov. John Kasich fell even further off the pace needed to qualify for the first GOP presidential debate on Aug. 6 in Cleveland. Fox News is taking only the top 10 finishers in an unspecific set of national polls for the main debate, although the also-rans will get some consolation air time. And Kasich currently is 13th in two measures of poll averages: RealClear Politics and HuffPost Pollster.

  • John Switzer commentary: Indian-U.S. fight was Ohio’s greatest battle

    On Aug. 20, 1794, a battle was fought between a confederation of American Indian tribes under the Miami Chief Little Turtle and an American army under the command of Gen. “Mad” Anthony Wayne. It has since been declared the most significant military conflict ever fought on Ohio soil.

  • Siegfried & Roy white lion dies at Ohio zoo

    A rare white lion loaned to an Ohio zoo by Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy has died after a diagnostic procedure, officials said. The 14-year-old cat, named Legend, suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest on Friday after undergoing a procedure to pinpoint the cause of lameness in his front leg, the Toledo Zoo said in a statement.

  • Sittenfeld unveils urban policy plan; loses speaking slot to Strickland

    This is why political-party leaders hate primaries. A dispute over who should speak at the Ohio Democratic Party’s state dinner on Saturday night — only endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland, or both he and challenger P.G. Sittenfeld — put the focus on the internal skirmish instead of both men’s messages against GOP incumbent Rob Portman.

  • Heirs of workers exposed to asbestos file claims

    AKRON — More than 1,300 damage claims were filed in a northeastern Ohio court on behalf of the heirs of Akron-area rubber and auto workers who died or developed serious illnesses from exposure to asbestos. The claims in Summit County Probate Court range from $2,100 to $23,000 depending on the severity of medical diagnoses.

  • Man, 73, rides King's Island roller coaster for 12,000th time

    MASON, Ohio -- A 73-year-old man has taken his 12,000th ride on his favorite roller coaster at King's Island amusement park in Ohio. The park says Gary Coleman of Monfort Heights took the milestone ride in the front row of the Diamondback roller coaster on Monday.

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