Columbus Perspective

Join host Dave James and Daniel Barnett for discussions about the important issues and concerns that face Central Ohioans.

Columbus Perspective

Columbus Perspective: July 25, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Sarah McQuaide, Manager of Communications and Marketing for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, discusses the increase in air travel at CMH. 13:00 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Tracy Townsend presents information

Columbus Perspective: July 18, 2021

00:00 / Show Open / Dr. Bruce Vanderhoff, Chief Medical Officer for the Ohio Department of Health, and Doctor Andy Thomas with the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, discuss the prevalence of the Delta variant of

Columbus Perspective: July 11, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Dan Skinner, a Health Policy Professor at Ohio University, discusses the opioid epidemic. 25:30 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Karina Nova presents information about efforts to expand broadband in Ohio; the

Columbus Perspective: July 4, 2021

00:00 Show Open / John Barker, President & CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association. 20:00 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Tracy Townsend provides updates on various pieces of legislation at the Statehouse, and presents reports

Columbus Perspective: June 27, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Susan Choe, Executive Director of Ohio Legal Help, discusses how the agency’s web site can help people. 12:30 Jessica Petersen, Media and Public Relations Coordinator of Lifeline of Ohio, discusses the importance of

Columbus Perspective: June 20, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Kelly O’Reilly, President & CEO of the Ohio Association of Health Plans, discusses the state’s effort to get an additional 900,000 Medicaid recipients in Ohio vaccinated by the middle of August. 13:00 Doctor

Columbus Perspective: June 13, 2021

00:00 Show Open / David Adams, architect of the Cincinnati Innovation District, which, like its counterparts in Columbus and Cleveland, has a goal to create 20,000 jobs over the next 10 years. 21:30 Courtesy of our sister

Columbus Perspective: June 6, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Kim Thiboldeaux, Executive Chair of the Cancer Support Community, discusses June 6th being National Cancer Survivors Day. 11:00 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Tracy Townsend presents topics that include housing issues

Columbus Perspective: May 30, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Lieutenant Dawn Roberts with the Ohio Division of Parks and Watercraft discusses National Safe Boating Week. 19:30 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Angela An presents a number of topics, including incentives

Columbus Perspective: May 23, 2021

00:00 Show Open / Kayla Griffin, Director of All Voting Is Local-Ohio, discusses proposed changes to Ohio voter laws. 14:00 Courtesy of our sister station, WBNS 10-TV, Tracy Townsend presents segments about Ohio’s vaccine lottery, sports betting,